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Предлагане на опция, непозволяваща възстановяване на средства

A non-refundable option is a discount you can offer on top of other discounts and cancellation policies that gives you greater protection against cancellations.

How they work

  • You set your discount, which is typically 10% off the base price in everywhere but China
  • Your discounted rate appears in search
  • At checkout, guests either select your standard rate—subject to your cancellation policy—or the discounted, non-refundable rate
  • If they cancel, you keep your entire payout for all nights booked, minus the cleaning fee if they cancel before check-in
  • A reservation would be eligible if the check-out date is within 60 days
  • The discount is applicable if the reservation is not booked with a pre-approval or special offer

Guests with extenuating circumstances may still be able to cancel for a full refund.

Pairing with other cancellation policies

Guests can book your non-refundable rate until your listing’s cancellation policy kicks in:

  • Flexible: Up to 1 day before desired check-in date
  • Moderate: Up to 5 days before desired check-in date
  • Strict: Up to 14 days before desired check-in date
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