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Отмяна по време на престоя ви

If anything unexpected comes up during your stay, we recommend messaging your Host to discuss a solution first. It’s likely that they’ll help you fix it right away. If you’d like to request a refund or cancel your reservation, we can help you start a request with your Host.

Message your Host

Generally it’s a good idea to try talking to your Host first. You can message your Host directly to discuss a solution. If you come to an agreement with your Host on a resolution, there’s a higher chance your request will be approved. If your issue has already been fixed by your Host and you can continue your stay, then skip the following steps.

Start a request within 72 hours

If you still need to cancel your reservation during your stay, we can help you start a request to resolve the issue with your Host. When you do this, you can choose to ask your Host to fix the problem, request a partial refund, or request to cancel your reservation for a full refund. If they accept your request, your refund will be sent to the payment method you used when you booked the reservation. If your Host declines or doesn't respond, you can ask Airbnb to step in to help.

  1. Gather evidence: If possible, take photos or videos to document issues like a missing or broken amenity.
  2. Submit a request to your Host: You’ll describe the issue, provide photos if you can, and let the Host know how you’d like to resolve it. It’s important to ask for help within 72 hours of noticing the issue in order to be eligible for a refund. 
  3. Wait for their response: If they decline or don’t respond, you can ask Airbnb to step in to help. Airbnb will refer to the Rebooking and Refund Policy to help you resolve the issue.

Major Disruptive Events

In the rare circumstances that a large-scale event at your destination prevents completion of your reservation, you may be eligible for a refund under Airbnb’s Major Disruptive Events Policy.

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