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Сравняване на ефективността на обявите ви

Your place is unique, but how does it measure up compared to others in your area? As a Host, you need to know where you fit in your own market, so check out your performance data.

Start with the right tools

To access all your data, be sure you’ve opted into professional hosting tools. It also helps to learn how to track your hosting performance.

Check out Similar listings

  1. After you’ve opted in, go to your hosting dashboard and click on Insights
  2. Click on Quality, Conversion, or Occupancy & rates, and explore the various subcategories
  3. Anytime you find the option to Compare, select Similar listings in the dropdown

The Similar listings graph shows how you’re doing compared to other listings near you. You can review your performance across a number of comparison categories—does your nightly rate seem about average, or is it too high or low? Get to know what’s working, and where you may want to tweak your listing.

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