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Самостоятелна стая · 4 гости · 2 легла · 1 отделна баня

自然の中の一軒家の個室森の中の一軒家に、1日1組限定でお客様用の個室を用意しました。 オーナー同居タイプです。(一棟貸切ではありません) 洋室はベッドが2つ、和室は布団を2組用意しています。 浴室はシャワーのみでバスタブはありません。 客室にエアコン、TVはありません。 敷地内は大半が自然のままなので様々な生き物が生息しています。 自然に囲まれてのんびりしたひとときを。 横山展望台に歩いていける距離です。 最寄り駅、近鉄 志摩横山駅まで約2km。(送迎は要相談です。お問合せ下さい) 敷地、建物内とも段差、高低差がありバリアフリーではありません。小さなお子様は保護者の方が注意して見守って頂くようお願いします。

一棟貸し癒しの農泊「ハナレ  ロクツキ 」伊勢・斎宮・松阪・木製音響スピーカー体験
Престой във ферма · 4 гости · 0 легла · 1,5 бани

一棟貸し癒しの農泊「ハナレ ロクツキ 」伊勢・斎宮・松阪・木製音響スピーカー体験◎一棟貸し癒しの空間 「hanare 6tsuki(ハナレ ロクツキ)」 田園風景が目の前に広がる癒しのシチュエーションで、農家民泊を体験いただけます。 小さな建物の為、2〜3名様でゆったりと過ごしていただけます。 建築には、漆喰の壁や籾殻入りの土間、三重県産ヒノキ材の寝室など天然素材を使用しており、安心してお寛ぎいただけます。 冬季は薪ストーブをご利用いただけます。 特殊音響の木製スピーカーはBluetooth でスマホの音楽をお聴きいただけます。もしくはお好みのCDをご持参ください。 宿泊は1日1グループ限定です。 1階フローリング(布団最大3組) 2階ロフト(布団1〜2組) ほかのゲストと一緒になることはありません。 無農薬野菜を栽培する六月農園(ロクツキノウエン)のハナレでは、都会での生活や普段とは違った自然の恵みを存分に味わい楽しむことができます。 旬の無農薬野菜、近くの精肉店の松阪牛を使って自炊していただけます。 バスタオルはお持ちください。(レンタル有) お車でお越しいただくことをおすすめいたします。 倉庫横砂利の駐車場をご利用ください。

Oceanview! Ideal for fishing and marine sports!
Цялото място: жилищен дом · 12 гости · 0 легла · 1,5 бани

Oceanview! Ideal for fishing and marine sports!* Please make a reservation more than 2. ・ Please contact us as we may be able to pick you up from the nearest Ugata station. (Free/with conditions) ・You can enjoy marine sports. (Please bring fishing gear etc) ・ Two kayak boats can be rented for free. (If there is some ecperienced people in your group) * Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents or injuries. ・ One rowing boat can be rented for free! ・ You can barbecue in front of the facility. (Please bring a barbecue set etc)

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Най-интересните неща в района на Mie

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Kyoto Traditional Weaving Workshop Tour
    1. I will show you my workshop with commentary. You can see the real site of the textile workshop. At first You can appreciate Nishikori art work. 2.Next You can appreciate the textiles restored from the ancient textile. 3.Next You can appreciate the tall loom restored from the ancient loom. You can sit and take photos at the precious restored tall loom. 4.At the end of the course I will show you the magic show of the textile. It will take about 60~90 minutes. There is a English speaking staff.(supporting host) There is also shopping. Other things to note English support staff Minoru will also guide you through the workshop. ・You take off your shoes in most rooms. ・Eating and drinking in the workshop is prohibited. ・There is one restroom for one person. ・There are two stairs
    От Цена:$8/човек
  • Japanese Bento Box for Lunch & Dinner
    We are so happy to introduce our favorite and most popular Japanese dish to you!! Japanese egg omelets (tamagoyaki) and chicken meat balls (tsukune) are easy to make, taste great and you’ll never get tired of eating them! The cooking flow includes 4 steps: 1. Make Japanese style egg omelets 2. Prepare teriyaki chicken meat-balls with home-made teriyaki sauce 3. Cutting an apple in the shape of a bunny 4. Serving with cooked rice and decorating the dish to finish We also share values with you during cooking: ・creative time Eggs and meat-balls with green leaves, you can create your own bento just like a flower bed with apple bunny. ・Lots of culture and stories about the bento box A bento box is small space but contains lots of family stories in each bento box. I will share my special memories with our “soul-foods” bento box. ・Sustainable friendly home kitchen ideas I will share Japanese kitchen ideas for no waste. This experience has been used for TEAM-BUILDING, COPORATE EVENTS and BIRTHDAY PARTIES. Teams from LinkedIn, Twitter and other companies have joined making bento boxes with us. Contact us to create your private party!! If you have trouble finding the ingredient or questions, please let me know too! Individuals, couples, friends, family, and team-members; let’s hop in the kitchen and enjoy cooking together! ig @hata_home_kitchen Website: hatahome.kitchen/
    От Цена:$19/човек
  • Making 1000 Origami Cranes Together
    My Origami workshop is great for groups, team-building! I've done with so many groups from companies and universities. If you can't find a suitable slot, please contact me for a new date and time. First, I'll show you how popular Origami is among the Japanese people. And next, I'll show you the brief story and history of "1000 Origami cranes." You'll know why we find many of them at Shinto Shrines and some War memorial parks all over Japan. And then it's time to make "One thousand origami cranes" together! It takes about 20 minutes to 30 minutes to make one crane. So in my Origami experience, let's do 1 to 3 Origami cranes depending on how fast you can make. After making some Origami cranes, let's put them together with strings. If you want to make "One thousand origami cranes," you can keep going after my experience. Historically, Japanese people make "One thousand origami cranes" for happiness, eternal good luck, long life, or recovery from illness or injury. But this time, let's make and pray for the earliest convergence of COVID19. I'll make thousands of cranes out of this Airbnb experience, and I'll take them to the famous Kasuga Taisha Shrine, and pray for the earliest convergence of COVID19, too! After making Origami cranes, I can show you how to make Origami balloons and Ninja stars, too :) I'm looking forward to e-meeting you all soon!
    От Цена:$23/човек
  • Cook Osaka Stir-Fried Noodles
    WELCOME TO JAPANESE COOKING If you’ve always had an interest in Japanese cuisine, and wondered how you can reproduce some of the Japanese dishes you’ve had before, come join us at my cooking class, you’ll learn to cook Osaka stir-fried noodles in a normal fry pan. 1. Osaka Stir-Fried noodles PRICE for per person: 2,000 yen (About US$20) Duration: 1.25 hours NOTE: *The complete ingredient list will be sent to you after booking automatically. *Osaka stir-fried noodle will be normally cooked with slices pork belly, or squid here in Osaka, but you can choose favorite ingredients like fried tofu, mushroom, chicken, or prawn instead. *If your team is larger than the maximum number, please send me a message.
    От Цена:$21/човек
  • Kyoto Town Private Photography
    Private Osaka Town photography (30 Photos) by Michael Calbera Please read before booking! my system is based on number of photos 8.000 yen for 30 photos Because booking system in Airbnb is limited, I set experience only for 2 person 8.000 yen or about 73USD$ and you will get 30 photos. If you are 2 person or more, go ahead with 2 person booking. For example, there is 5 person with you, please book 2 person and you will only pay 8.000 yen (30 photos) . If you are 1 person or solo, the price is 7.000 yen for 30 photos (cheaper 1.000 yen than couple or groups). Please book for 1 person or 4.000 yen on airbnb, then you need to pay another 3.000 yen by cash when we meet. We will take the photo session in the morning, afternoon or night. It is beautiful to see Kyoto and freeze the moment with your photographer! Photography best places First, we will meet at the station near the place where we will take the photograph. You can choose 1 of these places (each place is for 1 course) : 1. Gion area 2. Yasaka Pagoda and Ninenzaka Sannenzaka 3. Fushimi Inari Taisha 4. Another places by your request or my recommendation The places have a different view in each season, you will get unique pictures depending on when you come here.
    От Цена:$37/човек