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6F☆Best location in Sannomiya nearby DonQuixoten
Цялото място: жилищен блок (помещение в жилищен блок) · 5 гости · 3 легла · 1 баня

6F☆Best location in Sannomiya nearby DonQuixoten☆☆☆☆Just Opend★★★★ こちらのお部屋をご覧頂きましてありがとうございます。 お部屋は最寄り駅改札口から徒歩3分の超駅近物件です。 設備に冷蔵庫、電子レンジ、炊飯器、ケトル、wifi、テーブル、椅子、ダブルベッド×2、ソファーベッドx1、ドライヤー又長期滞在にも便利な洗濯機も設置しています♪ アメニティーもシャンプー、コンディショナー、ボディソープ、使い捨て歯ブラシ、バスタオル、タオルとご滞在に必要な物が全て人数分ご用意しております。 カップルやお友達同士のご滞在はもちろん小さいお子様連れのご家族の方、又ビジネスでご出張の方に幅広くご利用頂けると自信を持ってお勧めできますお部屋です。 是非一度神戸にお越しの際はご利用下さい、『おもてなし』の心でお待ち申し上げています。

Цялото място · 4 гости · 3 легла · 1 баня

【プロジェクター有】コンクリートと畳の非日常空間|畳屋の宿『草戸』|広々ダブルベッドルーム/ 2021.4.29. OPEN! / ◉ゆったり12時チェックアウト! 「畳と暮らし」をテーマにした宿 "草戸 (soco) " の、開放的な間取りのお部屋です。 家族や友人との団らんはもちろん、一人静かな時間を過ごすのもおすすめ。 どこか砂漠の異国へと旅するようなひとときをどうぞ。 定員 4名 プロジェクター / wi-fi あり 『草戸 (soco) 』 神戸で70余年つづく畳店がプロデュースする、「畳と暮らし」がテーマの宿。 建物の1階は畳の倉庫になっており、工場ツアーも企画しています。 Instagram ---> @193soco

   山   桜     Yamasakura
Цялото място: жилищен дом · 8 гости · 0 легла · 1,5 бани

   山  桜  YamasakuraYamasakuraは表六甲標高約760mの宿泊施設、庭付き一軒家「和風」平屋建て貸切スタイルです。   お部屋はリビングルーム、キッチン、和室3部屋、トイレとバスルームで構成されています。 ガーデンスペースにはBBQグリル、ガーデンテーブル、ガーデンチェアー、パラソル、タープテントを常設しています。ご希望があれば卓上コンロやピザプレートもご用意出来ます。 ホスト及び清掃スタッフは新型コロナウィルスワクチン接種済み。

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Други страхотни ваканционни жилища под наем в района на Kobe

  1. Цялото място: дървена колиба
  2. Nada-ku, Kōbe-shi
$265 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилище под наем
  2. Chūō-ku, Kōbe-shi
Cleaning¥0!!petit room201三宮10minWi-Fi
$55 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилищен дом
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Amour Kobe east 5Bed rooms with OpenAir Bath★
$321 на нощувка
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302- family type apartment in the center of Kobe
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特別SALE【多人数可】Mori de house in Kobe202神戸三宮600m徒歩5分
$41 на нощувка
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$109 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилищен дом
  2. 神戸市中央区
Sannomiya sta 7min w/FreeWi- Fi 70m2 New built 3BR
$145 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилище под наем
  2. Chūō-ku, Kōbe-shi
Cleaning¥0!三宮10min Takaraboshi room201高速Wi-Fi
$60 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: дървена колиба
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$182 на нощувка
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  2. Kobe
Sarang guest house 한국어가 15min to JR Sannomiya
$137 на нощувка
  1. Хотелска стая
  2. Chuo Ward, Kobe
WING 103
$55 на нощувка

Най-интересните неща в района на Kobe

Уникални дейности, организирани от местни експерти, проверени за качество

  • Sake tasting at local breweries Kobe
    I welcome you to my sake tasting experience in Kobe. We'll explore at least four of my favorite breweries in Nada area. I'm passionate about sake, and I’d like to share with you the process of sake making, comparing different kinds and brands. You will taste the differences between sakes—the highest quality, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and many other seasonable sakes. We'll also visit a special brewery, founded over 250 years ago, that still makes sake in small batches. It is the one of the smallest breweries around here. You will get to know the production method, while getting a feel for the deliciousness by actually tasting freshly made sake. Finally, we'll visit an innovative brewery that makes brandy, sherry, Chardonnay in sake and citrus fruit sakes. Other things to note Please eat something before drinking sake! The transportation fee is not included. We walk around 3km, I recommend that you wear comfortable shoes. Please bring a backpack for souvenir sake bottles.
    От Цена:$54/човек
  • Mindfulness Tea Ceremony
    Japanese tea ceremony can be enjoyed not only in a Japanese traditional tatami-mat room but also at a table and chairs in your house! Japanese tea ceremony is not only about making and drinking tasty matcha tea but also about calming the mind and the heart, focusing your heart on what's in front of you, and living in the moment. In a way, this is Zen meditation through tea. This experience is also great for team building. In this online lesson, we will proceed as follows: 1) We first introduce ourselves. I would love to know how you got interested in Japanese tea ceremony. 2) I will explain the background history and the important basic philosophy of Zen Buddhism for better understanding of Japanese tea ceremony. 3) I will demonstrate the modern table tea ceremony, and if you have your own matcha set (detail listed below) please follow what I do and I will also explain tips to make a tasty matcha. In that case please prepare your matcha tea set prior to the session. But this is optional, so if you don't have any match tea set, please enjoy watching the choreographed movements, which are very calming. 4) Question and Answer time Other things to note Please remember to have your computer/phone/tablet charged or plugged.
    От Цена:$19/човек
  • Daily Life in Kobe, A Small Fishing Town
    Shioya is my hometown, a quaint, peaceful fishing village nestled in a valley in Kobe. Have fun on this interactive digital tour (with family and friends), hosted from my home to yours via Zoom. The experience includes mainly two parts: virtual town tour and home visit. In between, we will enjoy some quizzes, too. Through my pre-recorded videos and photos, let's go to the harbor first. Enjoy a photogenic view of the area. You can see fantastic Setouchi Sea & the pearl bridge. I’ll show you Nori (seaweed) farm and factory, too. Then we'll go into SHIOYA town. I'd like you to know about real Japanese daily life by showing photos and videos. I'll share my local vision with you, visiting a barber shop which has over 100 years history, some food shops and the Guggenheim heritage house. Shioya biggest treasure is people. You would feel such a lovely heartwarming community with some shots of them. Afterwards, I welcome you to my home. I’ll tell you about Kanji, Manga, through showing you children’s room, a kitchen and inside of a real Japanese fridge. Many Japanese have a big passion about healthy foods. I’d like to tell you some "secret tips" for living a long life and to share each special foods with you. This experience is great for team-building as well. You can contact me anytime for a new date! Other things to note Zoomが利用できるなら、スマートフォン、タブレット、パソコン、どれでも大丈夫です。
    От Цена:$17/човек
  • Three different types of RAMEN cooking
    There are many kinds of Japanese ramen. Just by changing seasonings and ingredients, you can enjoy a variety of rich flavors. The experience starts at making noodles from scratch. After that, you learn how to make three types of soup and delicious topping ingredients. In the main section of this experience, You make three kinds of small size ramen. (The total amount of noodles is 100g) 1. Salt Ramen Topping: juicy sweet pork, bean sprouts, seaweed 2. Soy sauce Ramen Topping: steamed cabbage, green vegetables, sweet corn 3. Miso Ramen Topping: Spicy chicken, boiled eggs, green onion *If you do not like the spicy taste, you can choose not to spice. At the end, place the dishes, along with chopsticks and let's say “Itadakimasu”! Please enjoy the meal you made served with the complimentary dessert. Other things to note You don't need to bring anything. Please let me know if you have any food restrictions in advance. The original capacity of this experience is 8 people, but now we are limited to 4 people to keep a social distance. If you would like to have more than 5 people per group, please contact us in advance.
    От Цена:$90/човек
  • 4 Hours Hiking on a Pleasant Mt Trail
    神戸市は町の中心から10分で自然豊かな山の散策ができます。まず神戸市営地下鉄、三宮駅で集合し電車で10分程移動します。そこから山道を登り神戸森林植物園入口まで約1時間。そのまま植物園内の緩やかな整地された道を通り再び河沿いの山道に出て市ケ原、布引ダム、布引の雄滝、雌滝そして新神戸駅で解散となります。森林植物園入口から新神戸駅までは約3時間で一部が登りでほとんどが下り道です。全体約10kmの初級者コースなので体力があれば安心して参加できます。  その他の留意事項 雨天等悪天候の場合や予測される場合は急であっても中止します
    От Цена:$37/човек

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