Пропускане към съдържанието

Паркове, които са най-препоръчвани от местните жители

“The breakwater at the end of the Park is an amazing place to swim at High Tide. A best kept secret with locals. At high tide, walk down the breakwater about 1/2 way and swim on the RIGHT side. The filtered water is warmer, completely protected from sharks, crystal clear, and placid. Put a towel down on the rocks and spend 30 minutes or 2 hours there. Careful entering as rocks can be slippery.”
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“This is a bike trail which connects with Race Point and Herring Cove Beaches. You can rent bikes across from Stop and Shop on Shank Painter Road in Provincetown, if you didn’t bring your own, and spend an afternoon exploring the Cape Cod National Seashore. Gorgeous trail!”
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“This is one of the most beautiful sights in Provincetown. A 30 minute walk across this expansive scenery will surely leave you at peace. Once you make it to the other side, the Atlantic Ocean opens up and you are standing on the beach by yourself listening to the waves crash. Direction are as follows: You take Snail Road (the road that the Harbor Hotel is on) Take Snail Road to Route 6 intersection. And directly infront off you, you will see two parking spaces that lead to a walk underneath the trees. You can park in these parking places and if they are both taken you can park on the side of the highway. ”
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Обособено място за кучета
“Amazing Dog park! Let your little friend run free in their fenced, large dog park. Water on site. Small dog/large dog separate areas. ”
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Магазина за дома/мебели
“This store feels magical and embraces all that is wonderful about Provincetown! Unique gifts for the home and garden! ”
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