Пропускане към съдържанието

Търговски центрове, които са най-препоръчвани от местните жители

“Cherry Creek is an affluent residential district with a vibrant shopping scene. Overlooking the creek itself, Cherry Creek Mall has department stores, high-end fashion boutiques and eclectic eateries. North of the Mall, chain restaurants, relaxed cafes and chic cocktail lounges line the surrounding streets, which are also home to small contemporary art galleries. The Cherry Creek trail is popular with cyclists. ”
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Пешеходен площад
“Downtown Denver main shopping district. Great atmosphere for travelers. 25-30 minutes drive.”
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Пешеходен площад
“A great place to stroll, eat, see some street buskers and enjoy the view! Great any time of the year.”
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“Great outdoor dining, restaurants take care of safety rules and regulations and many food options.”
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“Colorado's largest indoor shopping mall with 185 stores and a food court. 16 minutes away (9.3 miles). ”
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“The La Cima Mall located on South Main Street is a multi-level retail, dining and entertainment complex. From retail shops, to restaurants, and nightclubs there's something for everyone”
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Магазин за електроника
“Top fashion, electronics & other brands are joined by numerous eateries in an upscale strip setting”
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“Downtown on the 16th street mall, great kick off place to people watch, shop and explore downtown area”
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Shopping Plaza
“Super great breakfast food including Rosenberg's Bagels and Denver Biscuit Company. Also has Sweet Cow Ice cream, Stanley Beer Hall for great beer and snacks, Logan Coffee House for delicious drinks and a great atmosphere, along with so many other food options. This warehouse-like center has all that I just mentioned, plus shopping (clothing, small household items, no-waste store, etc.), as well as a great place to burn off some energy with Kickboxing, Endorphin, and more!”
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“The Outlets at Silverthorne is a great place to walk around and grab some good deals. The sights and sounds of the mountains are great and the stores are varied and offer a bit of something for everyone. There are also a wide assortment of fast food restaurants near the outlets.”
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“The lights in the winter are spectacular. Outdoor movies in the summer, concerts, great cafe's, ice cream, fountains. It's a great place to visit. ”
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Пешеходен площад
“You can get around easily all through downtown with bike carriage services (you'll have to flag one of those guys down. They will have huge calves), cheap bikes, scooters, free mall bus, Lift, Uber, regular buses. Downtown”
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Outlet Mall
“Busy, modern outlet mall featuring a variety of popular stores, along with a food court”
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“Carousel inside food court. Mall has bouncing bungy ropes. Jumpstreet and Movie Theater located near Mall.”
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“The other mall that is close to the home. This mall is a little hood and in the “badder” part of Aurora... but it’s got some good stores and is an indoor mall. ”
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Food Court
“Flatirons Crossing pretty much has it all if you are needing to get some shopping done!”
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