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Пазаруване в Colorado

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Магазин за сладолед
“Famous ice cream stand. You'll probably have to wait, but it will be fun for people watching. ”
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Вегетариански/веган ресторант
“A Denver favorite for vegan dining. The bakery next door is also vegan with many gluten free options.”
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“Whatever your breakfast vibe, Snooze makes it and makes it well. There are plenty of veggie/vegan options, and seven different Bennys. Plus, you can get a single pancake as a side, which is delightful if you can't choose between sweet & savory. ”
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“The original RiNo coffee shop. Crema has excellent coffee, the nitro cold brew is fantastic, and they have very delicious light breakfast offerings and pastries. Get the cold brew and a chocolate croissant or quiche! ”
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Заведение за понички
“These perfectly soft, fluffy donuts are worth the hype. Their weird flavors are also good!”
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Sporting Goods Shop
“3.2 miles on the Cherry Creek bike path. At the confluence of Cherry Creek and the Platte River, across from LoDo. Everything you need to stay outdoors. REI Flagship store in Denver's old trolley barn. Peter became a member in the 1970's. ”
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Вегетариански/веган ресторант
“The menu here is great offering vegetarian dishes that even omnivores will love!”
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“Cliff dwellings over 700 years old relocated from southern CO. An interesting museum as well.”
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Търговски молове

“Cherry Creek is an affluent residential district with a vibrant shopping scene. Overlooking the creek itself, Cherry Creek Mall has department stores, high-end fashion boutiques and eclectic eateries. North of the Mall, chain restaurants, relaxed cafes and chic cocktail lounges line the surrounding streets, which are also home to small contemporary art galleries. The Cherry Creek trail is popular with cyclists. ”
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Пешеходен площад
“Downtown Denver main shopping district. Great atmosphere for travelers. 25-30 minutes drive.”
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Пешеходен площад
“A great place to stroll, eat, see some street buskers and enjoy the view! Great any time of the year.”
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“Great outdoor dining, restaurants take care of safety rules and regulations and many food options.”
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“Colorado's largest indoor shopping mall with 185 stores and a food court. 16 minutes away (9.3 miles). ”
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“The La Cima Mall located on South Main Street is a multi-level retail, dining and entertainment complex. From retail shops, to restaurants, and nightclubs there's something for everyone”
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Магазин за електроника
“Top fashion, electronics & other brands are joined by numerous eateries in an upscale strip setting”
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“Downtown on the 16th street mall, great kick off place to people watch, shop and explore downtown area”
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“A group of very tasty indoor restaurants. Delicatessen, bakery, cafe, butcher, chocolate confectionary, bar, pizzeria, and even an ice cream parlor! Very social and busy spot.”
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Food Court
“self pour beer wall. Eclectic mix of restaurants to choose from for a bite to eat. ”
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“Natural local market with decent prices, fresh produce, bakery, deli, and health-conscious foods.”
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Рибен пазар
“I awesome seafood shop. The staff is super helpful...guaranteed to walk out with some tasty stuff!”
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“1.4 miles on 17th Avenue in Uptown, another strip rich with great restaurants.. Upscale grocer with really fresh fish and gourmet ingredients.”
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Плод и зеленчук
“Great locally owned grocery. They stock lots of local produce and products, also have a large hot bar, juice bar, and coffee shop.”
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“ Amazing food! You'll also find a great selection of vegan, organic, and gluten free groceries. ”
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