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#15 Private Luxury Tent Space 1

СупердомакинFacinas, Andalusia, Испания
Палатка с домакин Walter AnandaLuz
2 гости1 спалня0 леглаТоалетно помещение
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Walter AnandaLuz е супердомакин
Супердомакините са опитни домакини с висок рейтинг, които се ангажират да осигурят страхотен престой за гостите.
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Това е едно от малкото места в района, които предлагат тази функция.

comfortable tent in or near BIG DOME (see PHOTOS) for positively reviewed Airbnb members


This option gives you your own private medium size tent for 1, 2 or 3 persons or a private compartment in a two compartment tent.
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#00 Romantic Country House P & Lake
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4,69 out of 5 stars from 29 reviews
4,69 (29 отзива)

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Facinas, Andalusia, Испания

Домакин: Walter AnandaLuz

Потребител от: юни 2012 г.
  • 616 отзива
  • Самоличността е потвърдена
  • Супердомакин
ENGLISH: (GERMAN & ESPAÑOL BELOW) The Airbnb profile page does not give him much choice, only ONE possibility: “Hi, I'm Walter AnandaLuz” (whoever, whatever, wherever that is) Let's try it in a different way: "Hello", I'm now getting known as ANANDA" (Ananda = “State of perfect BLISS”) Until my guru baptized me with this new name, I was called Buzzel, Walter, and took on the name of Buba. Now sometimes I sign with the name: "BuzzAnanda". The BUZZING inside! Ananda is beyond description... After three quarters of a century, BuzzAnanda still does not know, WHO he is. To be, or not to be? Is he? Or is he not? Who am I? Who knows? Who cares? Is there a real “I”? What if IT cannot be found in a place? What if IT IS and was before time began and will be after time has ended? What if there is no time, only NOW? “Before Abraham (or was it Ibrahim) I AM” said Jesus Christ. What if only the “I”, “me”, “mine”, (the ignorant lunatic mind) is not smart enough to know and acknowledge that it is “only” part of IT too? ¿What if IT is NOT? Ananda still does not know who he is, but he has found out, what he's not. Even at 75 years of age he cannot clearly answer to: Am I, am I not? Am I GOD, am I part of GOD? Is GOD in me? Am I a manifestation of GOD? Am I a manifestation of the DEVIL? Am I both at the same time, interwoven and overlapping? ¿Where is this GOD and where is this DEVIL? ¿Since there is no findable “I”, what exactly is he referring to, when he says “I”? Is God now here? or … God is nowhere! Not here, not there not anywhere, but always right in front of your eyes! ¿God, Allah, Jehovah, Manitou, Space without center nor periphery, Emptiness here Emptiness there, nothing to relate to, Absolute clear Void/Consciousness? Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Moses and all the other big noses have brought only a few answers to those who have not yet grown ears. What if THAT (IT) has been here all along? What if IT does not matter? The divine comedy! The dance of existence? Questions, questions, but few clear answers. Better stop asking! BuzzAnanda knows that he does not know. He knows that morals and beliefs brought no solution to the maze - the Gordic knot has not been untied. Certainty, that even these insights have grown in his own private garden's manure heap and that there is NOTHING out there. He has returned. Various Gods have tried to persuade him with various big and little religious sects. Finally, all the old white bearded clunkers, the spooky bogeymen have dissolved into thin air from where they appeared, NEVER to be seen again. No-one, NOT EVEN GOD to blame anymore. Whatever I experience, I appeared to be it. Divinity YES, in every flower, breeze, smile or twinkle, of all beings and things, YES. The “IN LOVE” feeling remains… Blossoming in it without limits. “LOVE and be LOVED” here and now and into all eternity as if time existed. There is no “real” Ananda, there is nothing, to what he could hold on to. ECSTASY in the ABSOLUTE. Yes, or maybe not! Hi, they call me Ananda, but I don’t have a clue who this is. Born: Yes, along time ago. Died: Not yet. Avoiding the herd, the norms and the “Normals”, “The Elite” and “The lunatics” Beyond, in Limitless openness and clear void expanse! BuzzAnanda has journeyed to many places and mystical spaces. Come and stay with him for a while, where horses and cows, donkeys, foxes and rabbits roam around freely in the meadows and hills and where you don’t have to lock your car, the doors of the house or the doors to your heart. Shed your armour, lay down your burden, your sorrows, your clothes and beliefs. If the description of Ananda has not scared you away, you will most likely enjoy your stay in MAGICAL LOS BANOS DE LA LUZ and share and feel our HONESTY and RADICALLY open ways and views of LIFE. Leave your mind OUTSIDE the gates, COME IN and share the lightness of LOVE and PEACE, fellow traveller or find it here with us and likewise other peaceful warriors for a brief moment. Ananda is not just trying to sell you the use of a bed for a night or two for a certain number of €uros, £ounds or $ollars. He is offering you an experience: The MAGICAL SPACE of our PLACE. The PEACE and the REFUGE within the TAO. Something you can take with you and where you can come back to anytime. COME and FEEL YOURSELF Please be my guest! The NAMELESS of thousand names. ********************************************* GERMAN: Die Airbnb Profil Seite gibt ihm keine Wahl. Nur eine einzige Möglichkeit: (“Hallo, Ich° bin Buzzel”) (°=wer, was, wo auch immer das sein mag) Lass es mich ein wenig anders versuchen: "Salü", "Ich° bin neuerdings als ANANDA bekannt" Ananda kann nicht beschrieben werden. Selbst nach 74 Jahren weiss Ananda immer noch nicht, WER° er ist. Er lebt in der Gewissheit, dass das Gewissen nicht der Weisheit letzter Schluss sein kann. ¡Sein oder nicht sein?! ¿Wer bin ich? ¿Auf was genau bezieht er sich, wenn er sagt “Ich”? ¿Gibt es ein wirkliches “Ich”? ¿God is now here (Website hidden by Airbnb) or … ¡God is nowhere! ¿God, Allah, Jehovah, Manitou, Raum, Leerheit oder Bewusstsein? Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Moses and all the big noses haben einige Antworten gebracht und tausende neuer Fragen. Fragen, Fragen, Fragen und nur wenig klare Antworten. Vielleicht ist es weiser, keine Fragen zu stellen. ¿ Was wenn ES schon immer hier ist? ¿Die göttliche Komödie¡…. ¡Der Existenz-Tanz? Ananda° weiss, dass er° nichts weiss. Er° kann das“Ich” nirgends finden und trotzdem erscheint das Bild Ananda auf seiner Leinwand hinter der Stirne. Leben in der Ungewissheit. Lieben in der Leere. Alle Wesen nur flüchtige Erscheinungen. keine Materie, kein Bestand, keine Zeit, der Ozean der absoluten Liebe und des ecstatischen Lichts. “Ja, oder vielleicht auch nicht.” In dieser Ungewissheit leben, darin aufzublühen mit aller Kraft. Mit der Kraft der bewussten Unsterblichkeit, des Tao, des Zen und dem leicht geläuterten “Verstand”. (Widerstand ist der Verstand) Da ist kein Ananda, da ist nichts, woran er sich festhalten könnte. Er° hat den Gott zurückgegeben, den ihm die christlichen Kirchen angedreht hatten. Jetzt ist niemand mehr da, dem er die Schuld zuschieben könnte. Göttlichkeit, ja, in jedem Wesen, jedem Ding. Verliebt sein mit Allem. Es ist ihm bewusst, dass selbst diese Einsichten auf seinem eigenen Mist gewachsen sind. Hervorquellend, ungläubig, wissend, dass es nichts zu wissen gibt. Glorreich und einfältig. Das Eine tun und das Andere nicht lassen. Den Sinn leben, keinen Nutzen, keinen Zweck im Leben suchen. Tanzen, weinen, singen und verzweifeln und sich wieder aufraffen, kurz: superlebendig, in alle Richtungen gleichzeitig rennen, um wieder zum Zentrum zurückzukehren. Oder aber: “Kein Zentrum und keine Periferie. Bald wird keiner mehr an ihn denken. Hat es überhaupt je irgend wer getan? ----- Ananda° kann nicht beschrieben werden. Ananda° verkauft Dir nicht nur den Gebrauch eines Zimmers für eine bestimmte Anzahl €uros, £ounds oder $ollars, er bietet Dir eine Erfahrung, etwas was Du mitnehmen und zu dem Du zurückkehren kannst. Komm her und fühl für Dich selbst. ********************************************* ESPAÑOL: Ananda esta mas allá de una descripción Ananda no solo te vende el uso de una habitación para un cierto numero de €uros, £ounds o $ollars, te ofrece una experiencia, algo que puedes llevarte y a donde puedes regresar. Ven a verlo por ti mismo. Por favor lea lo que nuestros visitantes escriben y: . POR FAVOR SE MI HUESPED Komm und sieh es dir selber an. Lies, was unsere Besucher über ihre Erfahrung schrieben und: . BITTE SEI MEIN GAST Come and see for yourself Please read what our guests said after having spent time here and: . PLEASE BE MY GUEST Saludos Ananda
ENGLISH: (GERMAN & ESPAÑOL BELOW) The Airbnb profile page does not give him much choice, only ONE possibility: “Hi, I'm Walter AnandaLuz” (whoever, whatever, wherever that is) Let'…
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Walter AnandaLuz е супердомакин
Супердомакините са опитни домакини с висок рейтинг, които се ангажират да осигурят страхотен престой за гостите си.
  • Номер на правилата: VFT/CA/06023
  • Езици: العربية, English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español
  • Процент на отговаряне: 94%
  • Време на отговор: в рамките на няколко часа
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Настаняване: Гъвкаво
Освобождаване: 13:00
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