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Ваканционни жилища под наем в района на Minato City

Намерете и резервирайте уникални места за престой чрез Airbnb

Най-високо оценени ваканционни жилища в района на Minato City

Гостите са съгласни: тези престои са високо оценени заради тяхното местоположение, чистота и др.

Цялото място: жилищен дом · 6 гости · 3 легла · 1 баня

2 min walk TAMACHI/MITA *3 BEDROOM*На 2 минути пеша от станция Mita на метрото в Токио на 2 минути пеша от станция Tamachi на JR 15 минути пеша Токийска кула 3 двойни легла (включително разтегателен диван) Джобен Wi - Fi

Near Shibakoen&Tokyo tower☆Maisonette type
Цялото място: жилище под наем · 7 гости · 4 легла · 1 баня

Near Shibakoen&Tokyo tower☆Maisonette typeThis facility is a maisonette type room on the 5th and 6th floors. A living room and a kitchen on the 5th floor and the bedroom on the 6th floor can accommodate up to 7 ppl. And there is also a courtyard! 8 mins walk to Shiba park, 15 mins walk to Tokyo Tower♪ It takes about 2 mins to convenience store and 3 mins to supermarket by foot. * This facility is an accommodation facility, so parties are prohibited. A fine of 30,000 yen will be charged if annoying acts such as noise are discovered.

R202, Cozy Apt at Ebisu for 2 Free Wi-Fi.
Цялото място: жилище под наем · 3 гости · 1 легло · 1,5 бани

R202, Cozy Apt at Ebisu for 2 Free Wi-Fi.My apartment is located between Ebisu and Hiroo. Walk 10 mins to Ebisu station on the Yamanote line,or walk 7 mins to Hiroo station on the Hibiya line. It is adjacent to Daikanyama, located in Shibuya District. Near Roppongi, Omotesando, Meguro. Direct to shinjuku, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Ueno, Akihabara, Tokyo Tower and other Tokyo hot spots, no transfer required.

Ваканционни жилища под наем за всеки стил

Вземете пространството, което е толкова голямо, колкото ви е нужно.

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  • Кухня
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Други страхотни ваканционни жилища под наем в района на Minato City

  1. Цялото място: жилище под наем
  2. Chuo-ku
Tsukiji / Ginza area. 12 minutes walk to Ginza.
$20 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилище под наем
  2. Minato-ku
2min Roppongi Sta★Soon to Midtown/Free Wifi
$77 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилище под наем
  2. Minato-ku
SPACE ROPPONGI unit 401 - 7mins to Roppongi sta.
$53 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилище под наем
  2. Minato
401_BUREAU TAKANAWA/Shinagawa/Remotework&Free wifi
$62 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилище под наем
  2. Meguro-ku
Licensed! Monthly OK Cozy Nakameguro/Shibuya Ebisu
$50 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилищен дом
  2. Meguro-ku
目黒恵比寿エリア 高級住居 キッチン設備充実、駐車場付き
$55 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилище под наем
  2. Sumida City
$33 на нощувка
  1. Хотелска стая
  2. Taito City
203 位于上野秋葉原中心位置,温馨除菌房间,可寄存行李,附近大量餐厅购物出行方便,免费Wi-Fi!
$18 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилищен дом
  2. Shinjuku City
$70 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилище под наем
  2. Shinjuku City
◆Free WIFI◆Near Shinjuku! Lovely room I6
$25 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилищен дом
  2. Nakano City
$42 на нощувка
  1. Цялото място: жилище под наем
  2. Nakano City
$25 на нощувка

Най-интересните неща в района на Minato City

Уникални дейности, организирани от местни експерти, проверени за качество

  • Origami and the Essence of Japan
    This is a rare opportunity to learn Origami with cultural backstories from a Tokyo local. It is a creative and fun experience perfect for corporate team building as well as family or friends get together! Origami is a traditional art of paper crafting from Japan. Precision and dexterousness that are required to fold a piece of paper is CONCENTRATING as well as THERAPEUTIC. This provides you a time to relax and share a common creative experience with people who you care. And you will create cool or lovely shapes by yourself. You can't get the same experience on YouTube tutorials because Manami shares not only how to make Origami, but also its history as well as Japanese culture and values behind the shapes. You will choose a few Origami from options with different skill levels. Manami will demonstrate folding step by step, emphasizing important skills. If anyone has questions or requests, she can stop to help anytime. 1. Manami introduces herself and the session 2. Manami asks one guest to introduce the group 3. Manami explains the options and confirm with the group which ones to fold 4. Manami demonstrates folding each origami step by step with her second camera showing her hands spotlighted 5. For traditional options, Manami talks about their background and related cultural stories 6. You can ask any questions or make comments during or after the session
    От Цена:$11/човек
  • Family Magic Show & Magic Lesson
    ==== 日本語セッションは2020年12月より予約制のみとなります。 是非お問い合わせ下さい。^^ ==== 世界のいたるところで行われている「自己隔離」や「ソーシャルディスタンスって」措置。多くの人が、子供や家族、友人と楽しく有意義な時間を過ごすにはどうしたらよいか悩んでいます。 世界中の雇用主もまた、従業員がつながりを持ち、健康的で楽しい時間を過ごせるようにする方法を常に模索しています。 私はこうした目的のために、このインタラクティブなバーチャルマジックショー&レッスンを作成しました。 あなたと私の間にある人間的なつながりが、特別な箱や美しいアシスタントを使わずに、日常の物だけを使ってマジックの体験を実現します。:- これはZOOMを介してオンラインで行われますが、参加者全員がショーに積極的に参加するため、非常にインタラクティブな体験となります。子供から大人まで楽しめる内容となっています。 ショーの所要時間は約30分〜40分で、その後20〜30分のマジックレッスンが行われます。 少し練習すれば、特別な小道具を使わずに、ビデオチャットでも家族や友人に見せることができる、心を揺さぶるようなマジックを簡単にマスターできます。 下にスクロールしてレビューのセクションをご覧になれば、この体験がどのようなものであるかを想像していただけると思います。 料金については、お一人様あたりの料金です。 必要であれば複数のZOOMからのログインもできます。 3名以上でご予約頂きますと、自動的に割引が適用されます。 ただし、15歳までのお子様連れのご家族の場合は、お気軽にご相談下さい。 ご予約の前にお子様は何人か何歳かなどの情報をメッセージで書いて送って頂ければ、特別な割引をご提供させて頂きます。。^^ この体験会は英語、日本語、インドネシア語のいずれかで開催されます。どの回についても必ず開催する言語をお知らせします。ご希望の言語で行われる回が見当たらない場合は、遠慮なくリクエストしてください。 毎週水&日曜日、日本時間の16時〜17時までの体験は日本語で行います。 次のような特別な日のためのプライベートな予約を常に受け付けています。 - バーチャル誕生日会 - バーチャル家族の集い - バーチャル企業イベント - ZOOM飲み会 お問い合わせはメッセージでお気軽にお問い合わせください。すぐにご返事いたします! その他の留意事項 ライブ配信のため、インターネット回線が安定していることを事前にご確認ください。スマートフォンではなく、PC/ノートパソコンでの体験参加をお勧めします。
    От Цена:$26/човек
  • Tokyo Spots and Culture Highlights Tour
    ✅A great birthday/ surprise gift for anyone who likes Japan ✅Great for team buildings for language schools, university and company's group activity (I'm open to customize the tour for 20+ group) *If you can't find the convenient time slot, please send me a request. * This is an online interactive experience so please take off your mask and turn on your camera and microphone! :) After introducing ourselves to each other, we will start exploring Tokyo together. I will show you the popular landmarks, food, culture, and some tips to enjoy the city like locals by using pre-recorded videos, photos, and some quizzes along the way. Tokyo is a big city. Let's grasp the lay of the land, what Tokyo has to offer, and get ready for your future trip to Tokyo(physical one!). Places we cover are; Tsukiji and Toyosu market, Meiji shrine, Senso-ji temple, Harajuku, Shinjuku and Shibuya area. *If you are not familiar with the Zoom app, please enter the room 5-10 mins earlier to check your camera/ microphone.* *We will start the tour on time so please make sure not to be late. *
    От Цена:$14/човек
  • Get Inside Tokyo Anime & Subcultures
    "Perfect for team-building! Hosted over 10 companies of Video-streaming, Sub-cultures, and Travel agencies industries" "Perfect choice for the present to those who love anime/comic/video game!!" *THIS IS AN ONLINE EXPERIENCE* *Check tour details on IG @animesenseijp* === Target === This online experience is recommended for those who - Planning to visit Japan - Willing to know anime culture more - Willing to have an Otaku friend to chat about your passion for sub-culture - As a birthday gift to anime/video game fun === Agenda === 1. Introduction 2. History of Otaku culture / Akihabara 3. Anime quiz 4. What you can do in Akihabara 5. Tips 6. Offers 7. Q&A ===== Other things to note Anyone is welcomed, but those who love Japanese subcultures can enjoy it so much! For a group reservation bigger than 5people, I'm up for negotiation :)
    От Цена:$28/човек
  • Try Drawing Manga Illustration w/pro
    *THIS IS AN ONLINE EXPERIENCE* Are you interested in the process of drawing MANGA graphics? Why don't you try a new artwork together? Contents -Let's Introduce each other. -I share how to draw. -------- 1. Draft with a pencil. 2. Inking with a ballpoint pen. 3. Finishing! -------- -I'll demonstrate and share the tips step by step, so please try drawing by yourself in this class. -Let me know your work on each step. I'll give you advice on your drawing! -Let's show each other the work. [For the repeaters] Here is the menu of more lessons -Let's learn more facial expressions! -Let's draw chibi-character! -Let's draw frills! -Let's try making a 4panels story! -Let's draw a profile! -Let's try digital drawing with Clip Studio! (for Clip Studio users) -More personal lesson (Please ask!) [Other things to note] -No matter the guest's drawing level! -The lesson material is fixed. But if you have a request, like you are repeaters or skilled, I'll adjust the contents depend on each guest. -Sometimes, I invite another manga artist if I can. -Feel free to ask the date and time you prefer. Group lesson is also available! -Repeaters welcome! I'll make individual materials depend on your request. -I recommend using a PC or a laptop rather than a smartphone. The download speed should be more than 25mps. Please check here. https://www.speedtest.net/
    От Цена:$20/човек

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