Пропускане към съдържанието
    Придвижете се напред, за да получите достъп до предложените резултати
    Актуализация във връзка с COVID-19
    За да намерите вариантите за отменяне и възстановяване на средствата, изберете резервация от страницата „Пътувания“. Правилата ни относно случаите с уважителни причини важат само за определени резервации. Ако датата за настаняване е след 15 август, проверете за актуализация отново тук на 15 юли 2020 г.

    Как да подам заявка за резервация?

    If you’re ready to book a place on Airbnb, you can send a request to the host to book a reservation. If you’re unsure about the listing or its availability, you can also send a message to the host.

    To send a reservation request:

    1. On a listing, click Request to Book.
      • If you see Instant Book, the host is allowing you to book their place instantly. Your reservation will be automatically confirmed after step 4.
    2. Review your reservation details to make sure everything is correct.
    3. Add your payment information, including any coupon code you may have.
    4. Agree to the policies and terms, including the host’s cancellation policy and house rules.
    5. Wait for the host’s response. The host has 24 hours to reply, but most reply within a few hours.

    Some hosts require that you complete the Verified ID process before confirming a reservation, which allows the host to get more information about who they’re hosting in their home.

    If your request is accepted, you’ll be charged in full for the reservation. If the host declines the request or doesn’t respond within 24 hours, no charge is made and you can try booking those dates with someone else.

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