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If you already have an Airbnb account and existing listings, you may need to merge them with new listings created from your software. Merging listings ensures that you don’t create any duplicates and that you keep your existing content and reviews.

If you recently imported listings through your software, Airbnb will have sent you a confirmation email with directions of how to merge listings. You can also merge listings by going directly to the Airbnb Sync page.

How to merge listings on Airbnb

  1. Log in to your Airbnb account and go to Listings.
  2. Click or tap the Review listings button on your listings page, or go directly to your Sync page. If there is not an option to Review Listings, please contact your software provider to import listings.
  3. Any listings that you’ve imported from your software will be under Existing Airbnb listings.
  4. Confirm that the Airbnb listings match the suggested newly imported listings or select a different listing.
  5. For each of the listings you’d like to merge, select the check box next to the listing name.
  6. Click or tap Merge listings. Once listings are merged, pricing and availability information from your software will override the pricing and availability on Airbnb. All other listing content must be managed on Airbnb unless the listing is set to Everything sync.
  7. For each of the listings you’d like to publish, select the check box next to the listing name.
  8. Select Create Listing to publish your new and merged listings. We’ll check your listings for errors and missing info, and let you know if anything needs to be fixed. Once listings have been validated, they will be available for guests to book.

If you don’t see all of your listings that means they’re still syncing from your software. Wait a few minutes until you receive an email confirmation and, if necessary, merge these listings.

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