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Как да добавя инструкции за настаняване към обявата си?

You can add or update the check-in instructions for your listing in the Listing section of your account. Guests won’t be able to see detailed check-in instructions until 3 days before their reservation starts.

Adding check-in instructions

To add check-in instructions to your listing:

  1. Go to the Listings section of your account
  2. Click on the listing you want to edit
  3. In the Info for guests tab, scroll to Arrival
  4. Next to Check-in instructions, click Edit
  5. Select the option that suits you best and click Save

Note: Self check-in may not be available in all countries.

Check-in instructions options

Options available for check-in instructions include:

  • Smart lock: A lock guests open with a mobile app or keypad
  • Keypad: Guests can open the door with a code
  • Lockbox: The key is stored in a small safe, which guests can open with a code
  • Building staff: Someone is available 24 hours a day to let guests in
  • Host greets you: A host or co-host will meet guests to exchange the key
  • Other: Guests can use a different method not listed above
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