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    Актуализация във връзка с COVID-19
    Ако плановете ви за пътуване са се променили поради COVID-19, можете да променяте или отменяте резервации от страницата си за пътувания.

    Служебно пътуване: Привличане на потребители от фирми

    We’ll give you a $100 travel credit to use towards your next Airbnb trip when a friend or relative clicks your unique referral link and:

    1. Enrolls a new company in Airbnb's Business Travel program
    2. Adds 5 or more verified employees to that company's account
    3. One of the verified employees completes a business trip through Airbnb

    How do I get the coupon code?

    You’ll receive an email with your personalized $100 coupon code after the company's first business traveler checks in to their qualifying reservation.

    Promotion details

    • The coupon code will be sent to email address you use to log in to your Airbnb account
    • The $100 coupon is valid for one year
    • The coupon can only be used towards one reservation
    • There are no restrictions on destination or travel dates
    • Once applied, the coupon can't be refunded, even if the reservation is canceled
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