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Tired of being only in San Juan?

Don't have enough time or money to take an overnight trip?

Feel like you are missing out by not leaving the city and not hitting some incredible local spots?

Luckily for you, you now have the solution.

A natural waterslide that's only accessible by a private trail to a gorgeous river.

Get to know and experience the most incredible Natural Waterslide and river in El Yunque Rainforest Park that only locals know!

Down from the natural waterslide is a short and easy hike to a swimming area with plenty of spots to jump into the refreshing water.

After a few incredible fun-filled hours we will head to the most authentic food place on the island.

You will get to enjoy water activities, new friends, local food, and knowledge about the area that will serve you for the rest of your trip.

What's more, you asked?
- Transportation in my Private SUV with AC
- Real Caribbean Food
- Refreshments and Snacks
- Local music

All inclusive!

So what's blocking you from booking this experience?

You are guaranteed the time of your life.

Million Dollar Memories, at Hostel prices.

Book now! You won't regret it.

PS: This experience takes you to a natural waterslide, not too far from San Juan and includes transportation, food, snacks, refreshments, and water activities.

**If you have your own vehicle message me for discounts**
Tired of being only in San Juan?

Don't have enough time or money to take an overnight trip?

Feel like you are missing out by not leaving the city and not hitting some incredible local spots?

Luckily for you, you now have the solution.

A natural waterslide that's only accessible by a private trail to a gorgeous river.

Get to know and experience the most incredible Natural Waterslide and riv…

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Домакин в Airbnb от 2018
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Hey, my name is Chris.

I have been in love with this island since I first came here, five years ago.

I have been in the tourism industry since then.

First, managing a Hostel in Santurce: Casa Santurce.
Then, giving tours for local hotels' clients, all around the island.
I know Puerto Rico like the back of my hand.

And I want to treat you I have always been treated: with kindness, respect, and generosity.

I am looking forward to sharing what's this wonderful island has best to offer.

Count me in for your adventures in Puerto Rico
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$99 на човек
$99 на човек
$99 на човек
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$99 на човек
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$89 на човек

Къде ще бъдете

We will meet in front at the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris in Condado.
By the Valet area.
I will pick-you up in my Silver Ford E350 Extended cab van :)

I'll message you when I arrive :)

Оценени с 4,90 от 5 от 440 отзива.

септември 2021 г.
This trip was great!!!!! And our Tour guide Hector was the best All around. Very caring , informative and vast knowledge of the are…… Anyone will be in great hands with him!!!!
Javier Alejandro
септември 2021 г.
All Inclusive experiencie: The all-inclusive experience consists in a mini-bottle of water and a Frito-Lay when we finish the water slide stop and a $3 empanada with a soda in Luquillo. It’s very important to point out that this $3 empanada was the only reason to go to Luquillo where you couldn’t go to the beach given time restrictions and where we spent more than an hour stuck in traffic getting in and out. Transportation: We were crammed in the back of a dirty minivan where we couldn’t sit straight. Tyler’s driving was very speedy even for PR standards where we would constantly pass other cars for no reason. Guide: Tyler didn’t provide any valuable information about the places we visited. Not one comment about El Yunque. Even the place where we got the empanadas is just a random one pretty similar to another 10 in Luquillo. No comment why there and not somewhere else. Summarizing you’ll pay $99 per person for an uncomfortable transportation to that water slide. That’s it. There’s nothing else of value in this experience. Even if you don’t wanna drive, an Uber there can be cheaper (literally I just checked and an Uber to Luquillo can cost $45). I don’t say is a total scam because we actually went to the two mentioned places but the rest of the information is very misleading. I couldn’t recommend less this experience.
септември 2021 г.
This was a $30 experience at most. Unless you really really really can’t drive in PR, there is no other value in booking this experience. The waterslide (Las pailas) is open to the public and not really “only known by locals”, a quick google search will take you to all the tourist sites advertising it. The visit to Luquillo beach was pretty pointless, we stood in traffic for 25 mins to get in and 35 to get out (the food stands area in Luquillo is only two blocks long). All of it to have a free $3 empanada and a soda. You don’t have enough time to go to the beach or eat a complete meal somewhere else. Tyler is the least charismatic guide we’ve ever had, little to no explanation about the places we visited, maybe a watch out or two about poisonous plants and beach insects. He was also a pretty speedy and clumsy driver, the car was uncomfortable for 6 passengers and dirty. We are honestly surprised by the number of five-star reviews this experience has received. If by all inclusive they meant the above and a Costco mini bottle of water + frito lays then yes but this isn’t a tour we can recommend. We are staying in Old San Juan and what you’ll pay to get to and from the pick up point in Condado is enough to rent a car for the day.
септември 2021 г.
If you’re interested in unique experiences and breathtaking scenery this is a must. If you’re a food and drink enthusiast ask for Tyler to be your host. he hasn’t been here long (a month so far at the time of this review) but he’s interested In Exploring the island on a personal level, with that being said he’s recommended various places that aren’t “touristy” to really get the feel for everything this island has to offer. I’ll be returning for sure.
септември 2021 г.
Great fun experience! Loved the waterside lol Easy hike and at the end of tour Tyler took us to a local place to try some of the food
септември 2021 г.
I had high hopes for this, but have to agree with a lot of the other recent reviews for Tyler. First off, the transportation was pretty sketchy; no seatbelts around us, super hot with barely any A/C, and just pretty dirty. Next, we assumed it would be light hiking, it was until you were supposed to get to the second swimming area. We literally had to hike boulders and my mom and I were not expecting this at all! It would have been nice to have a heads-up, because that part of the adventure is really not meant for people who may not be advanced hikers or rock climbers. Tyler never communicated the difficulty of this, so that sucked. He also never helped us down or back up the rocks when it was time to leave; another tour guest helped us with our things and getting back! Tyler basically just walked back and left us… Lol. It was all pretty messy and then when we got to the “food” at the end, it was just some little things that didn’t even really look appetizing. He never told us as a whole group when we were supposed to meet back at the van after eating, too. It was nice in the end though, he did offer to drive everyone back to our respective AirBnBs which saved us some trouble, but there needs to be some improvements made to this tour and the guides.

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