Изживяване с животни, водено от David

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Веднъж в живота
Гостите споделят, че е специално и неповторимо.
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Какво ще правите

Your 1.5+ hour interactive experience with a bee colony begins with a multimedia overview of the life of a bee and the different jobs a bee has as they mature. Learn the parts of the hive.
You’ll see a hive and learn how to hold a frame (without squishing the bees -they don’t like that).

We’ll observe a hive and get suited up. Light a smoker. Do a safety check, and approach the hive.

At the hive you’ll see and feel the power of propolis (a supplement for people as well) -- its the glue bees use to seal up the hive.

We’ll lift the lid and go inside.
For some, that’s might be as far as they want to go. But, if you want to see more, we will do a complete hive inspection: Pull frames to see how the bees create honey and keep the colony alive.

You’ll see open “wet cells” of nectar that are still in the process of transforming into honey. You’ll see capped honey, tiny freshly laid eggs and all the stages of bee development ( larvae, caped brood, and newly emerging “baby bees”).

I’ll show you how beekeepers help control pests (other insects and diseases) and keep the bees healthy so they can do their important work.

You’ll hold frames of bees and feel the weight of a full frame of honey when compared to a frame of bees.

There’s always time for selfies.

You’ll sample honey & enjoy a cold beverage
Your 1.5+ hour interactive experience with a bee colony begins with a multimedia overview of the life of a bee and the different jobs a bee has as they mature. Learn the parts of the hive.
You’ll see a hive and learn how to hold a frame (without squishing the bees -they don’t like that).

We’ll observe a hive and get suited up. Light a smoker. Do a safety check, and approach the hive.

At the hive you’ll see and feel…
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Bee a Keeper.

I love bees.
I love to try to help them love me back.
As a backyard beekeeper it’s always exciting to interact with each colony and observe behavioral differences. Every day I learn from these amazing creatures.

I'm also a full time educator (and a registered beekeeper with the State of Florida Agriculture Department).
- are you ready to learn more about bees?
Let’s enjoy a unique exBEErience as we all BEEcome keepers.
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Отговорни взаимодействия

Всички домакини трябва да следват указанията, създадени заедно с организацията „Световна защита на животните“.

Домакини – грижовни експерти

Учете се от биолози, природозащитници, фермери и др.

Разнообразни животни

Запознайте се с над 300 вида животни – от алпака до зебра.

Къде ще бъдете

Backyard beekeeping is becoming a big thing. Bees in urban settings are exposed to less pesticides and a wide variety of food sources. Working next to the chickens, we will be in the backyard apiary.

Experience times are flexible. Dates are also flexible. Each experience is limited to 6 guests. Everyone gets up close.

If you have a larger party - we can discuss some workable options.

-->Please note: it can get VERY HOT May-October

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януари 2022 г.
David provided a wonderful experience that was beyond my expectations. Loved the intimate size of the group. I felt safe and it was so incredible to be close to the bees! Absolutely buzzing. :) I bought some honey to endcap the experience, too!
януари 2022 г.
Visiting David's apiary was such an educational and submersive experience which began with a seminar including what to expect and identify. We later suited up and got hands-on with the bees, learning more about their life cycle and honey making process. David was sure to take plenty of pictures (since it's hard to do your own in the bee suit!) and he dedicated time and attention to each member of the group. Once we got up close and personal, we wound down with a lovely variety of honey samples and a handmade cocktail sweetened with honey, of course. It was so nice to connect with others over the fascinating lifestyle of beekeeping and my friend and I were grateful to join David for this excursion. If you're looking for a unique experience, you should definitely give this a try!
януари 2022 г.
This experience was truly unique! David is very personable and has a ton of knowledge about bees. He was great with answering everyone’s questions and keeping everyone feeling safe throughout the process. The honey sampling and cocktail at the end was a nice personal touch! As someone who didn’t know much about bees to begin with, I learned so much on this experience! Highly recommend!!
януари 2022 г.
The experience was a great Christmas present for my bee loving boyfriend. I was nervous about the bees but once I was there, I felt super safe. It was a very fun experience and I would definitely do it again. The cocktails with the honey tasting were delicious. Highly recommend!
декември 2021 г.
We were looking to use a coupon from Airbnb. We found out about Airbnb experience. We have used Airbnb for our stays before but this was our first Airbnb experience activities. Booking through Airbnb was super easy. David sent us detailed instructions for us to be prepared for this experience. We were party of 2. 2 other indivisuals were booked on the day. One perticipant did not show up. With our permission David waited and attempted to contact her for 15minutes. David was educating us and answering to our questions while we waited. The first part of the experience was in the living room David teaching us about honey bees with visual aids. He is a good teacher and we learned a lot. Also he is very patient with different questions and comments. Second part was in the backyard. got suited up with well maintained clean suites first and got some instructions before approaching bee boxes. We inspected inside the boxes and learned about bee-havior of hive. David gave us chance to handle a smoker and bee frames. We found queen bees and many different stages of combs. Bees were very calm. It was wonderful experience. David took some pictures for us as our gloved hands were not very suited for cell phone handling. He is sending those pictures to us via email. The last part of experience was honey tasting. He had 6 different honeys for us to taste. It was like honey version of wine tasting. I have been a loyal orange blossom honey eater but after tasting different honey from his place, I decided to start trying some different local honey as well. My favorite was "Kenwood Gold" (David's backyard) special and gallberry. He made a nice drink with honey for us during tasting. This experience was much better than we expected. We will highly recommend him to anyone who likes to learn about honey bees.
декември 2021 г.
I am so glad I signed up for this unique experience. David is welcoming, informative, and passionate for everything bees. He is also mindful in terms of COVID safety protocols so a fantastic host all around. Learning and being up close to several hives was very cool, and the honey tasting at the end was an added bonus. Wonderful job!!

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Long loose fitting pants (light colors are best). Long socks. close-toe shoes
From May to mid Oct. It is HOT in a bee suit

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