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Всички дейности близо до Cape Cod

The Goat Experience
We will tour my small farm, called Border Collie Farm. First we will greet the chickens. We give them snacks and check for eggs. The eggs are blue, olive, dark brown and tan. I have six juvenile barred rocks. Then we will move to the ducks. There are seven Black Swedish ducks who will begin laying eggs at six months. We next see the stars, Stella, Bella and Eddie. A brief talk about goat breeds and what people use goats for will be followed by the goats eating from our hands. Everyone will have treats to offer the goats. You may even try to milk a goat. If milking is not available, then we will brush them. They enjoy being petted on the sides. We will walk the farm with them wandering besides us. They never let me get too far away. At the end I will introduce you to Dylan, the Border Collie. He is very friendly and loves people. There will be ample opportunity for picture taking and a demonstration of how goat milk soap is made. Everybody leaves with a sample of soap. Other things to note The experience is held rain or shine so come with an umbrella. Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes that can get dirty. Please leave your pets at home.
Sunset kayak tour
We launch from Millway Beach, then we head towards the great marsh. We will pass through a couple of mooring fields admiring the small sailboat along the way. When we reach the marsh, we will regroup then work our way through several loops within the marsh with plenty of chances to spot wildlife, such as foxes, osprey, sandpipers, horseshoe crabs, snails, hermit crabs and many more. Halfway through, you will have the opportunity to explore by yourself or you can use the time to rest and enjoy a snack. From this point, we will exit the loop and let the current help guide us back to Millway Beach.
The Anne Hutchinson Tour of Provincetown
Get an introduction to Provincetown from one of American history's most infamous. Decidedly NOT a Pilgrim, Anne Hutchinson knows her history well enough to have been banished from Massachusetts 400 years ago and will walk you through the center of town enlivening central sites poignant to Ptown's story. Don't expect a long trek (1 mi), but do expect the "licentiousness and sinful liberty" that got Anne banished long ago. This makes the tour 21+. Receiving the seal of the Spirit that some have called comedy from Anne takes roughly an hour. Tour runs at least once daily. Remember, Anne's detractors felt she had "rather been a husband than a wife” and hoped to be "extolled and admired and followed after." You can now do just that by finding her on social for a sampling of this experience.
Guided Scenic Sunset Kayak Excursion
Meet and greet at one of the hidden gems of Cape Cod. (Directions provided by your host upon arrival) Enjoy a 2-3 hour sunset paddle, through beautiful coves, salt marsh, and to an island (not too far off shore!) Watch shorebirds, check out the shellfish beds, and return to the Cove to watch the sunset over Buzzards Bay. Other things to note: This trip is geared towards 18+. Not suitable for children. Inquire about a private outing if you would like to bring a child. Although life vests are required, one should know how to swim prior to taking this trip. Remember to bring waterproof cases for cameras if needed.
Fat tire biking on the beach
The tidal flats in Dennis are one of the most unique features that you will see while on Cape Cod. The tidal flats wrap around the inner elbow of Cape Cod and extend all the way to North Eastham, making this the largest tidal flat in North America. At it's best, the beach at low tide extends over a mile from the high tide line. We will begin with an orientation to the riding area, including safety considerations and points of interest. We will then ride one mile over packed sand to the nearby oyster farms, where we will talk about the process and business of shellfish farming as well as it's environmental and economic benefits. Then we will ride over the beach and through small shin-deep tide pools to the low tide line, approximately 1/2 mile depending on tidal conditions. From here, feel free to dismount your bike, walk around on the beach, or continue biking along the coast for a bit before riding back to the parking area. Other things to note: You do not have to be an athlete to participate in this experience, but a moderate level of physical fitness will help you enjoy it. Also, your feet will get wet, so bring an extra pair of shoes.
Harbor Seal and Boat Tour - Cape Cod
A booking provides fare passage to explore the rivers and bays of Orleans, North Chatham; the haul out area of Cape Cod's large gray seal population; the waters of Chatham Harbor including the Chatham fishing fleet and the Chatham fish pier. Learn about the over 4000 shipwrecks that have occurred on the shores of the beautiful Cape Cod National Seashore barrier beach along with viewing the historic Chatham Lighthouse. Vibrant bird and marine life is apparent along our entire route. Water is provided. The tour is 2 hours long and is 22 miles round trip. Our trip remains within the calm protected waters of Orleans and Chatham and does not go into the ocean. If you haven't seen this part of Cape Cod from the water, then you are missing its true beauty. Other items to note: Children 12 and under must wear life jackets which we provide. Children of all ages are welcome if accompanied by their parent. Unaccompanied children must be 18 years of age or older. Capt. may cancel if bad weather and AB&B issues appropriate refunds.
Aerial Yoga in a loft
The Studio has a total of 6 hammocks. We host large groups for all events! We take turns on the hammocks and it works out great ! Bachelorette parties, Birthday parties, Business team building events and more. I will explain a little background about the aerial yoga structure and terminology I will be using. I normally start off lying down or seated in the hammock, centering, breathing and setting intentions for the class. I proceed to demonstrate the different postures or sequences. The class will then participate as I walk around guiding and spotting the students. We work all different parts of the body ..strengthening, lengthening, increasing flexibility, relieving tension, tightness and stress in the body and clear out busy thoughts. We end class lying in the Hammock comfortably in Savasana, a cozy resting pose. Other things to note: My Yoga loft is in my home. Enter through the front of home which leads you to the studio upstairs. Leave shoes and coats downstairs and valuables bring up with you. I live on an intersection. Grey shingles. Call with questions 774 643-5438
Relax and enjoy beauty of salt cave.
A unique Himalayan Salt Cave experience, Here in the middle of Cape Cod. The facility was recently built by the pioneer of Salt Therapy and the founder of Salt Cave Inc., Dr. Margaret Smiechowski. In just one 45 minute session, you will learn about the history and benefits of salt therapy. Relaxing in a zero gravity chair, you will experience salt-saturated air pumped into the cave by our salt generator. Other things to note Please wear loose clothing, and bring white socks to wear in our cave. Please notice this is a group experience. You might be in the salt cave with other groups of people. No refund will be issued if canceled less than 24 hours before the event.
Dinner Party By the Bay
I will greet my guest and tell them about myself I will give a tour of the property, direct them to my path to the beach, personal facilities to use in my home and make everyone feel comfortable. I will give a detail to the evening. I will have everyone watch my demonstrate and offer for anyone to participate in the meal. We will all sit around the large tables that are beautifully set and eat dinner. After or before dinner, depending on the time of day, I will encourage guests to take a walk along the water or watch the most amazing sunset over the water,
Chappaquiddick Wood Company bowl turning demonstration
We will provide a woodturning demonstration showcasing the process of turning bowls from roughly milled blanks on a lathe. The experience will include demonstration of each part of the process, a tour of the farm, and conclude in our gift shop where guests have the opportunity to purchase finished products and take home a carton of eggs from our chickens.
Wake-up Beach Yoga and Meditation
We will begin with a brief 5-10 min. meditation to set our intentions for the day. Then flow with me from asana (pose) to asana, to begin the vinyasa (movement) portion of class; getting our hearts beating and our chakras singing! We will then start to steady the body and mind with some balancing and restorative postures. Finishing up with a delicious savasana (rest) that incorporates aromatherapy, and some great conversation! Can be modified for all levels. ~Private bookings also available~ ~Can travel to your AirBnb or beach location- ~Message me for time slots not listed~ Other things to note Dress in layers, early mornings can be chilly. Towels will be provided to cover your mat, or substitute completely.
Mid-day Tour
We launch from Millway Beach, then we head towards the great marsh. We will pass through a couple of mooring fields admiring the small sailboat along the way. When we reach the marsh, we will regroup then work our way through several loops within the marsh with plenty of chances to spot wildlife, such as foxes, osprey, sandpipers, horseshoe crabs, snails, hermit crabs and many more. Halfway through, you will have the opportunity to explore by yourself or you can use the time to rest and enjoy a snack. From this point, we will exit the loop and let the current help guide us back to Millway Beach.
Martha's Vineyard Self-Guided Driving Audio Tour
Get ready to visit one of the greatest vacation spots in the USA, a favorite among celebrities and even presidents! Martha’s Vineyard is home to stunning beaches and coastline, picturesque little towns, and plenty of fun—but this tour will also dig beneath the beautiful surface and into the island’s surprising history. Learn about the Wampanoag, the origin of the Vineyard’s famous “gingerbread houses,” and the lost language invented by the island’s residents! READ BEFORE BOOKING Purchase only one tour per car. Everyone listens together! Pick any date, time slot, or group type — it doesn’t matter. Since this is self-guided, use it anytime or any duration. Lifetime validity: once booked, it's yours forever. Use it multiple times across multiple days or be done in an hour — up to you! This is not an entrance ticket. Perfect for holiday travelers and team-building groups.
Paddleboard to Washburn Island
We will meet at my favorite scenic place to paddle and get to know each other while we prepare to launch. I will provide a brief land-based lesson and review the basics of water safety and paddleboarding as needed. Once on the beautiful bay, we will begin to explore with opportunities to see an oyster farm, beautiful boats, coastal birds, secluded beaches and Washburn Island. During our time together I'll continue to provide feedback on your paddleboarding technique so that you'll gain further confidence. You’ll have time to paddle, play, picnic and pose for pictures. Mornings are so peaceful on Cape Cod. It's my favorite time of day to be on the water and I’d love to share it with you. Other things to note Please dress comfortably for the weather. Generally a swimsuit & layered loose-fitting clothing work well. We may be in waters over our heads at times so you will want to be comfortable in the water. Both beginners and those with experience paddleboarding are welcome.
Coastal Ecology Exploration
Cape Cod holds a unique position in the New England pantheon of interesting places. Birthed by a glacier, battered by winter storms, geologically transient, and ecologically sensitive, Many Cape Codders live their lives never fully understanding the ecology of Cape Cod. Cape Cod Learning Tours provides a unique and exciting learning experience. By combining hands on exploration with real scientific equipment we bring a level of interest and participation that most others lack. We use Water Chemistry kits, and coastal identification tools to bear on exploring and discovering the natural wonders of the shores of Cape Cod. Our naturalists are true botanists, biologists, teachers and professors. We will visit the low tide flats of Cape Cod Bay and explore that environment in detail. From identifying the tracks and signs of animals that live there to exploring the waters edge. All of our naturalists have at least 15 years experience teaching in outdoor or indoor classrooms. Highly respected and knowledgeable we will create a highly memeorable adventure!